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Tailored solutions for every role in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Learn how Devonso solves specific challenges within your Dynamics 365 and Power Platform environments for different user roles. 

Our solution offers targeted functions for system administrators, developers, project managers, compliance managers, technical support, etc. to ensure operational excellence and strategic advantages. 

Devonso makes
complex system customizations transparent, ensures compliance and
increases efficiency.
Discover how Devonso optimizes and supports the performance of your business processes.

Use cases

Use cases in system administration

Learn how Devonso specifically supports system administrators to master the complexity of managing Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Our solutions help with efficient configuration, security monitoring and compliance, while providing precise troubleshooting and system optimization tools

Discover how Devonso addresses the daily challenges of administrators and makes their work easier with advanced analyticsand management features .

Use Case System administration

Change management

System administrators are faced with the challenge of monitoring numerous customizations and updates in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

A lack of overview can lead to errors that impair system stability.

Traditionally, administrators have relied on manual processes and various tools to document and track changes.

This method is time-consuming, error-prone and offers no real-time insights.

Devonso automates change management, provides real-time monitoring and detailed logs of all system changes.

Administrators receive immediate alerts in the event of critical changes, enabling them to react quickly.

Devonso makes change management more efficient, more secure and less resource-intensive.

System administrators can better protect system integrity and have more time for strategic tasks.

Use Case System administration

Audit Trail Management

Managing audit trails in complex IT environments is critical for compliance.

A lack of transparency can lead to serious legal and financial consequences.

Manually compiling and checking audit logs is tedious and ineffective.

There is often a lack of capacity to keep a complete record of all activities.

Devonso offers a centralized solution to automatically capture and store audit trails and make them easily accessible.

The software guarantees the completeness and integrity of the data.

Devonso makes audit trail management much easier, reduces the risk of compliance violations and enables a rapid response to potential problems.

Use Case System administration

Compliance monitoring

Monitoring adherence to constantly changing compliance regulations is an ongoing challenge.

Manual processes can lead to important compliance updates being overlooked.

Without an automated solution, system administrators often rely on sporadic manual checks and various reporting tools that do not always provide complete data.

This increases the risk of compliance gaps.

Devonso offers advanced monitoring tools specifically designed to proactively monitor compliance requirements.

It seamlessly integrates monitoring and reporting to ensure that all aspects of the IT environment comply with current legislation and standards.

With Devonso, system administrators can proactively manage compliance instead of reactively addressing issues. 

This not only increases security, but also confidence in the systems, reduces potential fines and improves the efficiency of the IT department.

Use Case System administration

User administration

Managing user accounts and access rights in a constantly changing environment can be confusing and complex.

Administrators have to manually create, update and deactivate user accounts and make settings such as assignments to security roles, teams, business units and field security profiles, which can lead to errors and security gaps.

The User Profiling-module from Devonso enables centralized management of user profiles and rights.

It offers tools for automating the assignment and checking of security roles and access rights.

Devonso optimizes user management, minimizes the risk of errors and improves security through consistent and controlled access management.

Use Case System administration

System configuration and maintenance

System administrators must ensure that Dynamics 365 and Power Platform environments are always up-to-date and optimally configured. Without automated tools, this can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Administrators rely on manual processes to carry out updates and adjust system configurations. This requires detailed knowledge of the platform and can lead to inconsistencies.

With the Development Tracking-module from Devonso, system administrators can perform automated snapshots and comparisons to ensure that all system changes are documented and traceable. 

Notifications inform you immediately about critical updates or configuration changes.

Environment Comparison provides a clear overview of which customizations are missing in which environment.

Devonso facilitates the systematic monitoring and maintenance of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, saving administrators time and improving the accuracy of their work.

Use Case System administration

Security management

Security management is crucial to prevent unauthorized access and data leaks. Manual security controls are often inadequate and prone to error.

Manual monitoring of security settings and logs, which is time-consuming and potentially incomplete.

Devonso's Security Audit and Security Modules enable automated monitoring of security role changes and audit logs. 

Administrators can react quickly to potential security breaches.

Devonso ensures that security management is proactive, comprehensive and timely, significantly reducing overall risk.

Use Case System administration

Troubleshooting and technical support

Efficiently diagnosing and resolving system errors and user problems can be time-consuming and complex without the right tools.

Technical support without Devonso relies on manual troubleshooting, which often leads to long response times and unresolved issues.

The Development Tracking module and in particular the Notifications feature of Devonso can be used to provide real-time alerts in the event of system errors. 

The Instant Analysisand Deep Analysis modules provide in-depth insight into system configuration and performance, enabling diagnosis and rapid resolution of problems.

Devonso significantly improves the responsiveness and effectiveness of technical support. 

Automated fault detection and detailed system analyses allow problems to be identified and rectified more quickly.

Use cases

Use cases in software development

Discover how Devonso supports the entire software development process from requirements analysis to maintenance

Our specially developed tools help you to improve efficiency and accuracy in the development and management of your Dynamics 365 and Power Platform projects. 

Learn how Devonso provides valuable support at every stage of the development cycle to minimize risk and optimize implementation .

Use Case

Requirements analysis

Understanding user needs and defining specific requirements for system customizations or new features.

Manually collecting and analyzing user feedback and existing system data, which is often incomplete and error-prone.

Instant Analysis:
Enables quick insights into existing system customizations and usage patterns that help to define user requirements more precisely.

Devonso supports data-driven requirements analysis by providing deeper insights into current system behavior and user interactions.

USe Case


Development of a system design that meets the defined requirements and is easily maintainable and scalable.

Design decisions are often based on incomplete information about existing dependencies and system architecture.

Instant Analysis:
Identifies existing dependencies and potential conflicts, which supports the creation of an efficient and robust design.

Devonso facilitates system design by providing precise information about existing system structures and their dependencies.

USe Case


Development and customization of the system according to specifications.

Manual code development and review, which can lead to inefficiencies and errors.

Development Tracking:
Provides tools for monitoring and documenting development progress, including snapshot jobs and comparison.

Devonso supports the implementation phase with automated tracking and analysis tools that make development more efficient and error-resistant.

USe Case


Identifying and fixing bugs and ensuring that the system meets the requirements.

Often limited test coverage and manual test processes.

Compares different system states before and after changes to ensure that all modifications work as expected.

Devonso improves the testing process with precise tools that visualize changes and clearly show their impact.

USe Case


Ensuring that new system versions are successfully transferred to the production environment.

Manual deployment, which can lead to errors and downtime.

Environment Comparison:
Ensures that the production environment is consistent with the test environment and thus minimizes risks when going live.

Devonso supports efficient and secure deployment processes through accurate comparison tools and real-time monitoring.

USe Case


Continuous monitoring and optimization of the system to ensure performance and stability.

Reactive maintenance measures based on user reports or system failures.

Enables proactive maintenance through notifications about critical system events or performance indicators.

Devonso enables proactive maintenance through advanced monitoring and notification functions that immediately inform system administrators and developers of relevant incidents.

USe Case

Implementation of a new feature

Developers have to integrate a new feature into an existing software environment.

The challenge is to quickly identify the affected tables (entities), check existing implementations and decide whether to reprogram the feature or adapt an existing one.

Analysis process:
Developers have to manually search through extensive code libraries to identify the relevant implementations.

This process is time-consuming and error-prone and can take several days.

No direct overview of relevant programming; in-depth IT knowledge and direct code access are required to understand business logic.

Explorer" feature:
Provides an immediate overview of relevant programming based on the selected tables.

This makes it easier to identify affected tables and existing implementations for certain events.

Advantages of Devonso:

  • No access to code required to view business logic.
  • No in-depth IT background knowledge required to understand dependencies.
  • Analysis time for selected tables is instant, and client-side and business-side logic can be checked in 3-5 minutes.

Devonso enables efficient and fast analysis and decision-making during feature implementation. 

By reducing analysisand review times from days to minutes, Devonso improves productivity and effectiveness in the development process, reduces sources of error and speeds up the entire implementation process.

USe Case

Review of implemented business logics

Developers and analysts need to check whether and how certain features have been implemented in a software environment, including the underlying business logic and the specific data structures (tables and columns).

Analysis process:
Manual search of large code libraries and database structures, which is time-consuming and error-prone. The lack of direct insight leads to long analysis times, often lasting days.

A great deal of effort and in-depth IT knowledge are required to understand the implementations and their business logic.

Devonso's Explorer feature:
Allows users to quickly identify the affected tables and columns and check which implementations already exist.

The Explorer provides a direct overview of the business logic based on the selected tables.

Advantages of Devonso:

  • No direct access to the code necessary to understand the business logic.
  • No in-depth IT background knowledge required to analyze the dependencies.
  • Analysis time for selected tables is immediate; client and business-side logic can be checked in 3-5 minutes.

Devonso revolutionizes the way features and their implementations are checked by providing fast, intuitive and user-friendly tools. 

This leads to a significant reduction in the time required for analyses and makes the process more accessible for users without in-depth technical knowledge.

USe Case

Search and analysis of components

Users need to locate and analyze specific components in a large Dynamics 365 system, which is time-consuming and complex without specialized tools.

Analysis process:
Manual search and opening of each individual component to collect and analyze necessary information.

This process is laborious and inefficient, often without a clear overview of relevant components.

Lengthy analysis times, which can take several hours or days, with no guarantee of capturing all relevant components.

Devonso Search Feature:

  • Functions:
    Enables a quick search for component types based on specific search terms. Users can limit their search to specific component types and columns and also use filters such as creation/modification date.

  • Direct access:
    Enables immediate access to detailed information on each component by simply clicking on "Show Records".

Advantages of Devonso:

  • Overview and efficiency:
    Provides a quick overview of the component types and the scope of the components that match the search criteria.

  • Fast analysis time:
    The entire analysis can be completed in just 3-5 minutes, with immediate availability of detailed component information as required.

Devonso revolutionizes the process of component search and analysis in Dynamics 365 by providing powerful search and filter tools that enable fast and accurate analysis

This significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of the verification process, reduces time and ensures that users get the information they need quickly and easily.

USe Case

Recognition of table relationships in data model

Users need to understand the relationships between different tables in a Dynamics system, which is essential for data management and system integration.

Analysis process:
Manual check of each table to identify relationships 1-n, n-1 and n-n.

This requires opening and analyzing individual tables, which is time-consuming and inefficient, especially when numerous tables are involved.

Without a central overview, it is difficult to record all relevant relationships quickly and completely.

Depending on the number of tables, the analysis can take several hours or even days.

Devonso's Search Feature:

  • Functions:
    Allows you to select the "Table Relation" component type and provides an interface for selecting primary and linked tables and quickly determining their relationships.

Advantages of Devonso:

  • Better overview:
    Provides a direct overview of all relationships between the selected tables.

  • Fast analysis time:
    It only takes about 30 seconds to analyze a table relationship, and the user can get a complete overview of the relationships within a minute.

Devonso revolutionizes the process of component search and analysis in Dynamics 365 by providing powerful search and filter tools that enable fast and accurate analysis

This significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of the verification process, reduces time and ensures that users get the information they need quickly and easily.

USe Case

Tracking the progress of development

Project managers and development managers must monitor the progress of software development projects to ensure that developments are completed on time and to specification.

Analysis process:
Manual review of all changes and implementations within the development environment, which is time-consuming and error-prone, especially if no technical knowledge is available.

No direct overview of added, edited or removed components, leading to inefficient use of resources and potential delays in the project.

Development Tracking Feature:

  • Features:
    Enables you to determine the progress of a specific solution, track changes at defined intervals using solution jobs and compare different solution states using the comparison function.

  • Visualization:
    Display of changes in the form of donut charts for a quick overview and detailed insights into specific components using the Show Records function.

  • Direct access:
    Provides the option of viewing changes directly in the code via "Details" and performing side-by-side comparisons.

Advantages of Devonso:

  • Fast analysis and review times:
    Information on changes is available immediately, and detailed reviews can be carried out in just a few minutes.

  • Accessibility:
    Makes tracking easier for non-technicians and allows development progress to be monitored without in-depth technical knowledge.

Devonso transforms development progress tracking by providing efficient, automated tools for monitoring and analyzing software development projects.

This leads to considerable time savings, improves transparency and supports effective project management and monitoring.

Use cases

Effective controlling in software projects with Devonso

Find out how Devonso supports controlling in software development projectswith precise and efficient monitoring tools.

Our solutions enable detailed budget control, precise ROI analyses, stringent compliance monitoring and optimized resource utilization

With Devonso, you can increase the financial transparency and efficiency of your projects, improve budget compliance and maximize productivity through data-driven decision-making.

Use Case

Cost tracking and analysis in software development projects

Controlling requires precise cost tracking and analysis in development projects in order to avoid budget overruns and improve cost control.

  • Manual tracking and allocation of development costs, which is error-prone and time-consuming.

  • Difficulties in real-time monitoring of budget variances and allocation of costs to specific development activities. 

Modules: Development Tracking

  • Features: Snapshot Jobs, Comparison
  • Regular snapshots and comparisons enable precise monitoring of development progress and costs.

Devonso enables automated and accurate cost analysis, resulting in more effective budget control and optimized resource utilization.

Without Devonso, controlling is often confronted with inefficient and error-prone manual processes that increase the risk of budget overruns. 

Devonso transforms this process through automated tools that enable accurate and timely monitoring, significantly improving budget control and financial transparency.

Use Case

Compliance and audit tracking

Compliance requirements and audits in development projects require precise documentation and tracking of changes.

  • Manual logging of changes and configurations, which is inefficient and carries the risk of errors or overlooking important details.

  • Difficulties in preparing for audits, as the necessary information is often scattered and incomplete.

Modules: Audit, Security Audit

  • Features: Configuration, Analysis
  • Automated logging and analysis of configuration changes and security settings.

Devonso simplifies compliance monitoring and improves documentation, enabling reliable audit preparations and adherence to compliance requirements.

In an environment without Devonso, compliance tracking is often cumbersome and risky, which can lead to difficulties with audits and potential compliance violations. 

With Devonso, the process is greatly simplified through automated data collection and analysis, which not only improves compliance, but also makes audit preparation more efficient and reduces the risk of non-compliance.

USe Case

ROI analysis of software development projects

Development and customization of the system according to specifications.

  • Estimates of ROI are based on incomplete data or delayed reporting, which can lead to potential misjudgments and inefficient investment decisions.

  • Manual compilation and analysis of data, which takes a lot of time.

Modules: Development Tracking

  • Features: Snapshot Jobs, Comparison
  • Systematic recording and analysis of performance and costs over time.

Devonso enables precise measurement and tracking of ROI, which supports strategic decisions and promotes the profitability of projects.

Without Devonso, ROI calculations are often based on incomplete or outdated data, which can lead to suboptimal decisions.

Devonso enables an informed and data-driven assessment of ROI by continuously providing accurate performance and cost data.

This not only supports effective project management, but also strategic investment decisions based on reliable analyses.

Use cases

Efficient compliance management with Devonso

Devonso offers innovative solutions to strengthen your compliance management. 

Our specialized modules such as Audit, Security Audit, Security and User Profiling support compliance with regulatory requirements and improve the security standards of your Dynamics 365 or Power Platform environments. 

With Devonso, you can effectively minimize compliance risks, streamline security protocols and ensure end-to-end monitoring to face both internal and external audits with confidence.

Use Case

Seamless audit trail documentation

Companies must ensure that all changes to their systems are fully documented in order to meet regulatory requirements.

Manual documentation of changes, which is error-prone and inefficient, often leads to incomplete or incorrect audit trails.

The audit module automates the recording and documentation of all system changes, provides comprehensive audit logs and enables simple verification and external auditing.

It stores the audit logs in devonso's own database and makes them available in Dynamics 365 even after accidental or intentional deletion.

Devonso improves the auditability of systems through automation and helps companies to ensure compliance with less effort and greater accuracy.

Use Case

Monitoring of security role changes and assignments

Companies must monitor all changes to security roles in order to meet internal security guidelines and external compliance requirements.

Manual monitoring of role changes, which is not only time-consuming but also error-prone.

The Security Audit module uses special audit logs to automatically record and log all changes to security roles and assignments.

With Devonso, organizations can ensure that all changes to security roles are fully documented and immediately auditable, making it easier to maintain security standards and compliance.

Use Case

Management of access authorizations

Adherence to access authorizations is crucial for data security and compliance.

Difficulties often arise in the precise control and adjustment of access rights, as they have to be managed manually.

In Dynamics 365 or Power Platform environments, they can quickly become so complex that they are difficult to keep track of.

The Security module provides detailed insights and management of access permissions on a table basis, facilitating accurate control and compliance monitoring.

Devonso offers comprehensive control and transparency over access authorizations, which not only increases security but also ensures compliance with regard to access to sensitive data.

Use Case

Standardization of user profiles

Ensuring the consistency and compliance of user profiles in large organizations is often a challenge.

Manual management and customization of user profiles, which can lead to inconsistencies and compliance gaps.

The User Profiling module enables the central administration and standardization of user profiles, which supports compliance with internal guidelines and external regulations.

Devonso simplifies the management of user profiles and supports companies in effectively enforcing uniform security and compliance standards.

Use Case

Review of customizations for compliance risks

Companies must ensure that all adaptations and customizations meet compliance requirements in order to avoid legal and security risks.

Manual review of customizations , which is often time-consuming and error-prone, and carries the risk that not all compliance-relevant aspects are recorded.

The Instant Analysis module can be used to quickly and efficiently analyze all customizations and ensure that they comply with legal requirements and internal guidelines. 

Functions such as "Search" and "Dependency Check" provide a deep insight into the customizations and their dependencies.

Devonso helps companies to quickly identify and address compliance risks in customizations, increasing security and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Use Case

Long-term monitoring and auditing of customizations

For sustainable compliance, it is necessary to monitor and document all customizations throughout their entire life cycle.

Long-term monitoring and documentation of customizations are difficult to manage without automated tools, especially for complex or extensive systems.

The Deep Analysis module offers comprehensive options for tracking customizations over long periods of time. 

Features such as "Snapshots" and "Code Search" allow historical data to be collected and, if necessary, detailed analyses to be carried out to ensure compliance over time.

Devonso enables detailed and long-term monitoring of customizations, which not only improves compliance but also strengthens the basis for future audits and assessments.

Use Case

Tracking of development changes for compliance purposes

Continuous monitoring of development changes is crucial to ensure that all customizations meet current compliance standards.

Without an automated tracking system, it is difficult to fully document and check all changes, which can lead to compliance gaps.

The Development Tracking module, in particular the "Snapshot Jobs" and "Comparison" functions, makes it possible to systematically record all development changes and compare them as required.

This helps to ensure that compliance requirements are met at every stage of development.

Devonso provides effective tools to continuously monitor the development process for compliance, which increases transparency and helps to avoid regulatory sanctions or security breaches.

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