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Reduce complexity

Reduce the complexity of your Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications

Digital processes in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage. 

devonso creates transparency and brings clarity to your data model, user interface and business logic.

Maintain full control over your compliance management and gain a clear view of your digital landscape.

Reduce the complexity of your systems and bring order to your digital business with
your solution for efficient and manageable applications.

Problems Risks Challenges

Today's challenges in the introduction and management of business applications

Companies and service providers face challenges with Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, such as complex customizations, increasing compliance requirements and inefficient cost control.

devonso addresses these problems with modular solutions that ensure transparency, security and efficiency at every step.

Problems The risks Challenges

Companies & service providers

Difficulties in identifying and documenting customizations throughout the system. This leads to inefficient management, especially in larger or complex environments.

Service provider:
A lack of transparency makes it difficult to analyze existing customizations, which increases project duration and drives up costs for customers.

Error-prone changes due to unrecognized dependencies between tables, fields and automations.

Service provider:
Difficulties in identifying the impact of planned changes, which slows down development processes and causes unexpected problems.

Insufficient monitoring of role changes and user assignments can lead to security gaps and make it difficult to meet compliance requirements.

Service provider:
Difficulties in setting up security policies and role models, as this has to be done manually and is prone to errors.

Complex audit logs that are difficult to interpret in terms of their structure and preparation.

Service providers:
difficulties in setting up effective audit frameworks and providing easily accessible information to their clients.

Problems tracking customizations and changes over time, making it difficult to troubleshoot problems.

Service provider:
Difficulties in documenting the current status of a system and keeping changes traceable for customers.

Long onboarding process for new employees who first have to learn the system structure.

Service provider:
Additional effort for projects, as system analyses are very time-consuming without suitable tools.

Project or product managers have extensive knowledge that is often not documented or easily accessible. 

If they leave the company or change responsibilities, valuable expertise is lost, which leads to delayed projects and higher costs.

For service providers:
Here, too, the expertise usually lies with certain employees. If they are absent or leave the company, there is a loss of knowledge that can affect customer service and lead to project delays or errors. 

This dependency also makes it more difficult to implement projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Financial aspects

Companies & service providers

Incorrectly implemented customizations can lead to unexpected downtime or data loss. Correcting these errors can result in high costs for companies, especially if the problems occur at a critical time.

Service provider:
A lack of documentation or transparency in customer environments leads to long analysis times and therefore expensive projects for the customer.

Unclear or incorrect audit trails can lead to legal penalties or sanctions if companies cannot effectively adhere to their compliance policies. This can result in significant costs due to legal proceedings and negative reputational impact.

Service providers:
The lack of effective compliance monitoring makes it difficult for service providers to advise their customers and can lead to miscalculations and additional project costs.

Without a central platform like devonso, it is time-consuming for new employees to familiarize themselves with existing systems. This increases training costs and slows down the productivity of new team members.

Service provider:
High analysis times and complex environments require more experienced personnel in order to work efficiently, which in turn leads to higher costs for the service provider and customer.

Lack of overview of dependencies in the systems leads to increased costs for system maintenance, as updates and extensions can cause unforeseen problems.

Service provider:
Difficulties in versioning and managing customizations make it difficult to design maintenance packages efficiently, which increases development and maintenance costs.

Longer downtimes due to adaptation problems or unrecognized system dependencies can lead to direct sales losses.

Service providers:
Customers lose trust in service providers if problems in the customizations lead to downtimes, resulting in a negative customer relationship and fewer follow-up orders.

Problems The risks Challenges

Groups of people

Lack of overview
Difficulties in gaining an overview of the entire adaptation landscape, which leads to inefficient administrative processes.

Manual monitoring:
Checking the configurations and dependencies is time-consuming and error-prone.

Audit problems:
Limited insight into changes to security configurations and audits, as these are scattered and difficult to understand.

Code search:
Manual searches for specific code snippets or plugins can be tedious and inefficient.

Lack of version control:
Difficulties in tracking previous customizations and their effects.

Difficulty in recognizing dependencies between components, which can lead to errors when changes are made.

Delayed projects due to unexpected problems with customizations and dependencies.

Risk assessment:
Missing or incomplete information makes risk analysis and decision-making more difficult.

Team coordination
Difficult coordination of development teams due to lack of overview of customizations and configurations.

Compliance with regulations:
Lack of overview of audit logs and authorizations makes verification difficult.

Access rights:
Difficulties in determining and documenting effective authorizations across user roles and teams.

Process documentation:
Ineffective and scattered documentation makes it difficult to identify relevant business processes.

Role and authorization management:
Manual maintenance and assignment of roles are tedious and error-prone.

Lack of insight:
Limited insight into the customizations made by the team members.

Complexity management:
As business applications become increasingly complex, architects find it difficult to understand the entire system architecture, which can lead to unforeseen interactions and system errors.

Overview of dependencies:
It is often unclear how different components are connected to each other. This lack of overview makes it difficult to plan changes and updates, which can lead to unexpected errors or downtime.

Adherence to standards:
Architects are responsible for implementing best practices and architectural standards. Without appropriate tools, this can be difficult, especially for customizations that may not be standards-compliant.

Cost control:
Without transparency in customizations and implementations, unexpected costs can arise for the correction of errors, restorations and additional development work.

Project budgeting:
A lack of information on past and current projects makes it difficult to plan budgets accurately and allocate resources for future projects.

Return on investment:
It is difficult to evaluate the effectiveness and profitability of IT projects if there is no complete overview of the implementation and use of the business applications.

The need

Customization Analysis & Compliance Analysis | The New IT Disciplines?

The rapid progress of business applications has highlighted the need for new IT disciplines such as customization analysis and compliance analysis

At a time when customizable standard solutions such as Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform are becoming increasingly complex in companies, IT teams and service providers are increasingly realizing that traditional methods are not enough. 

The constant further development of systems and the individual requirements for customized solutions make it difficult to maintain an overview of the entire architecture, business logic and data security.

Customization Analysis

Recognize & analyze existing customizations | Track & control future customizations

With devonso, no matter how old and how highly customized your Dynamics 365 / Power Platform environment is, you can find & evaluate all existing customizations, whether code or no-code, within minutes.

With Development Tracking & Notifications, you can track future customizations and assign them to functional requirements. Be informed in real time when customizations are made!

The increasing complexity of implementations with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform requires in-depth transparency and understanding of customizations throughout the system. 

Companies need tools that help them to recognize the consequences of customizations before they are implemented. 

Effective customization analysis software not only provides insight into existing customizations, but also enables proactive management and planning of future changes

This reduces the risk of errors and ensures a more stable, efficient IT environment.

Compliance Analysis

Simple configuration | Meaningful logs | Fast evaluations

With devonso, you can quickly and clearly define which user interactions should be logged. You can evaluate the interactions just as quickly.

You can optimize the security model and thus gain more insight & control over access control in your Dynamics 365 / Power Platform environment.

devonso protects against data manipulation and loss and ensures that audit information remains available for compliancereviews and forensic analysis .

As digitalization increases , so do the requirements for compliance and data security.

Companies must ensure that all customizationscomply not only with internal standards, but also with external regulatory requirements

Powerful compliance analysis software is essential to monitor audit trails, manage authorizations and guarantee audit readiness at all times. 

This helps to avoid fines and reputational risks and ensures continuous compliance with legal regulations.

The solution

devonso: The world's first software solution specifically for customization & compliance analysis

Our software solution gives you transparency and control over customizations and compliance in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. 

With powerful features for analyzing and managing your customizations and optimizing userand access rights , devonso offers a comprehensive strategy for efficient, secure and compliant IT landscapes.


Comprehensive customization analysis

devonso offers a precise and detailed analysis of customizations in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Our software enables companies to seamlessly track, visualize and manage customizations to ensure system integrity and performance.

From the detection of dependencies with our Dependency Check to the in-depth investigation with the Explorer feature, devonso covers all aspects.

This provides a clear view of the entire system landscape and helps with the planning and implementation of customizationswithout jeopardizing the stability of the system.


Precise compliance analysis

Compliance requirementsare constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex

Devonso provides a robust solution to manage these requirements through advanced audit and security features

With our tools, companies can ensure that their systems always meet the latest compliance standards

From the monitoring of security role changes to the detailed logging of authorization assignments , devonso helps to optimize and document all compliance processes.


Optimized user and access management

ur User Profiling module revolutionizes the way companies manage user access and profiles.

Through the central management of security roles, teams and authorizations , devonso enables consistent and efficient implementation of company guidelines. 

The result is a significant reduction in the risks of unauthorized access and an improvement in general data security.

Customizations & Compliance

Not just a software solution

devonso is not just a software solution; 

it is a strategic partner that helps companies stay in control of their customizations and effectively manage their compliance requirements

With devonso, companies can make their IT landscapes more secure, efficient and compliant .

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