Why devonso?

Learn more about the current situation of deployment and maintenance of software systems, where the problems are and how devonso can help.

The Beginning

Implementing a new software system for your business

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More often than not these days, businesses in need of a complete software system solution prefer a standardized system over individual programs.

However, since no standardized system is currently able to meet the necessary demands out-of-the-box, systems of this kind are usually custom-tailored to the individual needs of a business by experts. This customization process is predominantly intended to answer the following questions:

  1. Which types of information are supposed to be managed and evaluated by the system in the future?
  2. Which business processes should the system display?

These types of projects are generally very time-consuming and accordingly tied to considerable business expenses. They, however, present a clear and important decision for the company, since their results have an immediate impact on the quality and efficiency of its processes and facilitate a more structured approach to doing business.

The system is finally implemented.

Optimizing the System

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In many cases, software systems will be reexamined within the first two years after their initial installation, and modified as part of an optimization project. This can happen for several reasons, including:

  • Certain use cases, which had not been taken into consideration at the time of installation. 
  • The user perspective not being sufficiently taken into account. 
  • System performance not being optimal.
  • Initial bugs
  • etc.

The system is optimized

Changes over the years

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Now, the company in question can finally consider themselves the proud owner of the ideal system. Everything works as intended an no more customizations needed. Well, let’s dig deeper.

In actuality, most companies will not go on for several years while leaving this type of software system unchanged. But why? 

  • The processes of new company divisions and departments will have to be added to the system. 
  • There has been an overall change in company operations, so the already implemented processes are no longer current. 
  • New system elements have been installed, which require the reconfiguration of the overall range of functions within the system.  
  • The software manufacturer has once again rolled out an update with the latest and greatest must-have features.

In conclusion: The system changes permanently

The involved Roles & Parties

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Your system, and its performance range, may go through enormous changes  over the course of several years. Certain optimizations to the system, as requested by a number of different departments within your company, may be made by:

  • One or several IT consulting firms. 
  • Solution architects 
  • Independent external consultants 
  • Administrators 
  • Developers
  • Team leaders (development)
  • Business analysts 
  • Project managers 
  • Product managers 

Also the Parties change

People come and people go

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The relevant parties and their individual responsibilities may change over the years in the following ways: 

  • A new consulting firm is used.
  • Additional consultants are added to the team. 
  • Employees of the consulting firm in correspondence with the company move or change jobs. 
  • Changes within the company’s own IT team occur. Employees leave the company. New employees are hired.

Who has still an overview?

The information need

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What do you think? 

How can an overview of all the changes to the system over the years be created? 

  • How should a product manager determine the availability of a certain feature when asked about it by an employee from a specific department? 
  • How long will it take for a new employee, whether in an organisational, functional, or technical capacity, to understand the system? 
  • How can a developer detect the interdependencies of different elements within the system?
  • How can a solution architect gather information on the  existing business logic within the system in order to plan the implementation of new features?
  • How long will it take a consluting firm tasked with the supervision or future development to develop a current state analysis? 

Is it possible to get an overview at all?

searching, asking or giving up

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This is how it’s done at the moment:

  • An attempt is made to gather information from unclear, outdated sources – if available. 
  • Colleagues are consulted, who then may need to consult further colleagues, who may or may not have the answer. 
  • You give up on finding the relevant information altogether and take a considerable risk in doing so. 
  • You struggle.
  • You label the system as confusing and outmoded and introduce a new system.

Above all, you will lose considerable amounts of time and money this way.

The solution is devonso

contextually overview within seconds

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With devonso, a complete, user friendly overview of your system is now possible – even without previous detailed knowledge. 

  • A keyword search displays all existing modifications  within the system. 
  • With the help of Explorer, all functions connected to actions can be found. 
  • Backups of either all or individual modifications can be created. 
  • It is possible to directly compare different backups and backup versions. All changes are viewable. 
  • You will also be able to create a backup of all modifications even before a new feature has been implemented. After the implementation of the new feature, all changes can be viewed in detail. 

…and all of this can be achieved within minutes! 

Let us show you what devonso can do within a 30-minute appointment directly in your system.

Why devonso?
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